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The Concept of Privilege


What does the concept of “privilege” mean to you? Define it first, then use concrete examples or anecdotes to illustrate your definition.

DISCLAIMER: This post was written as part of academic coursework for Contemporary Global Stages (THEA 0825) at the University of Pittsburgh in Spring…

I really like what Rocky did with this post, by highlighting different examples of privilege within American pop culture. However, his goal of defining how privilege and favoritism was what really struck me.  I think in my mind, favoritism and privilege go together but function differently.  Favoritism can be determined in a multitude of ways, and emphasizes that the favored group consciously benefits from the act of favoritism.  I think privilege often falls upon people due to race, gender, and financial circumstance.  People benefit and suffer respectively from privilege, but I think it is not as conscious of an effort.  I think privilege can come from social constructs that may or may not still be relevant. 

In this post, Rocky responded to backlash about Macklemore speaking for gay rights.  Macklemore receives this backlash because of his privilege as a straight white male, something that appears to be out of his control.  This is not to say that Macklemore does not have the right to speak on this issue, but because of his privilege, his opinion is weighed differently. This just leads me to think that maybe our perception of privilege is skewed.  Not only because of the inequality facing those unprivileged, but also because of the creation of tension between social/racial/gender/etc. groups.